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Our Curriculum

At Horizon International Bilingual Schools, we believe that the curriculum

  1. The school curriculum should deliver a broad, balanced, coherent and consistent programme of learning with clear and smooth progression routes designed for the needs of all learners

  1. The curriculum supports the development of learners and teachers who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged and principled

  1. Each subject curriculum should be designed to provide learners and teachers with inspiring and relevant content and an appropriate breadth of subject knowledge and skill development appropriate for the learners’ developmental stage.

  1. The school curriculum should recognise the language background of learners and provide them with the support they need to access the curriculum. Subjects that are taught in the medium of English should be accessible for learners with English as their second language.

  1. Assessment has a number of purposes that are essential to the educational process. These include assessment for learning (providing feedback in support of the learning process), and summative assessment (determining a learner’s level of performance).

  1. Clear and meaningful educational standards are essential to ensure accurate measurement of progress and achievement and allow for international benchmarking and comparability.

  1. The quality of teaching is a critical determining factor in learner development.

  1. Reflective practice supported by professional development is an essential and continuous part of a teacher’s life.

  1. The pedagogy required to enable learners to achieve their maximum performance using Cambridge curricula and assessments is based on active learning.

  1. Strong leadership is a necessary condition for school improvement and curriculum development.

  1. Curriculum development involves an ongoing process of evidence gathering and evaluation.


Bilingual and international curricula at Horizon International Bilingual School are designed and taught separately. The curriculum practices and lessons are arranged according to Vietnam’s Education law requirements. Taught subjects and weekly hours are also directly related to curriculum implementation. Each subject curriculum is designed to provide learners and teachers with inspiring and relevant ...

Character Education

Character Education programme is an endeavor to focus on meaningful development of universal values such as sense of responsibility, respect, honesty, empathy and fairness.   The programme is integrated into all subjects as well as the school in general. Monthly topics provide a great platform for meaningful focus on a certain character ...