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Welcome to Horizon International Bilingual School Website


Horizon International Bilingual School facilities are designed in accordance with our school's philosophy and expectations set out in both the Vietnamese and International Curriculum




Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are large cities. There is no central location that will satisfy everyone; however, Horizon campuses at An Phu (District 2) in Ho Chi Minh City and West Lake in Hanoi provide the convenience of spacious classrooms and large gardens for meaningful student play and relaxation between classes.




Laboratories and Specialist Rooms:


Our learning community at Horizon is filled with academically challenging environment. And according to recent researches using labs in schools are important to achieve objectives in following 5 categories;

skills, concepts, cognitive abilities, understanding the nature of science and attitudes.


At Horizon we have;


1 - Chemistry Lab

2 - Physics Lab

3 - Biology Lab

4 - IT Lab


Along with Science Labs, we also have specialized rooms for subjects that requires special skills such as Math rooms, Music rooms, Art rooms and a Conference Hall.



At Horizon International Bilingual School, students study in commodious classes with a maximum number of 24 students. Classrooms at Horizon International Bilingual School are equipped with the necessary technology to support 21st century educational needs such as smart boards, projectors, laptops and tablets.




We have a nice and safe playground for students to help them advance their cognitive abilities by playing, socializing and engaging in different activities.




HIBS has a dining hall where healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks are offered to the students.